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Content Creator - Creative Producer - Storyteller - Writer

Hello, I am a hybrid creative—your favourite ideas girl from ends who is addicted to telling stories.

I've worked with companies and clients, helping them add colour to their creative campaigns, live performances and short films. I assist in bridging the connection between culture and brands. To see my full CV click the PDF icon on the "desktop" :)

My talent lies in subtle storytelling, which takes everyday human experience and makes it sublime.

I work across advertising, narrative filmmaking, Sports Media, Music, TV, and documentaries.

My mission is to champion fresh and provocative ideas that empower the imagination. By keeping a finger on the pulse, connecting and deconstructing how nuanced Black British identities are represented on our screens. I use storytelling, music and magical realism to create the warmth that stimulates curiosity in your ideas.

Ultimately I want to create great content that future generations will consider classics.

Until then, let's collaborate and reimagine entertainment together. I am open to commissions and opportunities to bring your ideas to life.

I am also a Production Assistant; send me an email if you need assistance on set, and I will be happy to get involved.

I am always on the lookout for exciting and fun projects to get involved with, so feel free to give me a shout.

Beyond my usual work, I am a fitness enthusiast and rollerblading city girl.

Oh, and heads up Whoopi Goldberg and I are one. Lol.

So if you ever hear of a biopic about her, send it my way.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.🧚🏿🤝